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Passion in Punxy

Genres: Contemporary , Romance

Traveling to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover Groundhog Day is the worst thing reporter Amy Mitchell can think of. Until, that is, she gets stranded in a snowstorm and has to find refuge with a family who are part of the famous Phil’s inner circle. Maybe she can turn her bad luck into breaking news if she can uncover animal abuse in this strange town that seems to have gone insane. Cozying up to the small town veterinarian, in the hopes to get a scoop, certainly won’t be a hardship either.

Ken Patterson has been one of Punxsutawney Phil’s handlers for several years. He’s not excited about having to be hospitable to a reporter who seems to be looking for any hint of mistreatment of Phil. Since he already lost his wife, when he put his groundhog before his marriage, Ken wasn’t worried about Amy finding any wrongdoings. But he was afraid she might find a way into this heart.

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