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The Wylder County Social Club

Genres: Romance

Eliza Jane O’Hanlan is called west to care for her ailing mother. Raised by a spinster aunt, she only knows that her mother is a successful businesswoman. When she arrives in Wylder she is shocked to learn her mother is the town madam. But the secrets don’t end there…

Doctor Sam “Coyote” Sullivan saw enough suffering and dying in the war to last a lifetime. He is more than happy to help the town madam keep her girls free of disease—and worse. The moment she arrives in town, the madam’s daughter makes it clear she doesn’t approve of her mother’s unconventional methods—or him.

Before long, Eliza doesn’t just have the town of Wylder in a stir. She has Coyote pretty stirred up, too.

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This is the first book in the fantastic new Wylder West Series from The Wild Rose Press. I’ve read them all and loved each one. As usual, I read the first book in the series last. Darn it. I always do that. But it didn’t matter one bit.
Anyway The Wylder County Social Club set the old west town of Wylder, Wyoming and has the town in an uproar. Especially when Eliza Jane comes to town to take care of her injured mother,Miss Addie, the madam at the club. Nope, Eliza has no idea. That’s all I will say about the plot. Don’t want to spoil things for you. I will say the story keeps you turning pages to find out what happens next. The characters are well written, the town is described so well, I could almost see, feel and smell the area. I love a book written that sucks you right in and makes you feel a part of the story. The handsome hero and a beautiful heroine will tug at your heartstrings. There are laugh out loud moments and situation where I couldn’t contain the giggles. If you enjoy westerns, you’re going to love the Wylder Series. I highly recommend Wylder County Social Club! You still here?? Don’t just sit there, get out there and grab a copy. You’ll be so glad you did.

Tena Stetler

Nicole McCaffrey has a hit with this book! The western town of Wylder, Wyoming is a character in itself and what a character it is. This western story is different than any I’ve read and will keep you guessing as to how it will end. A handsome hero and a beautiful heroine but both are strong in their beliefs and their attraction has the whole town spreading rumors and probably making bets. This is a must read and the first in the series of Wylder West books. Do not miss this wonderful book!

Jane Lewis

If you enjoy western romance, and vivid, relatable characters, this one’s for you. The debut story for a new series called Wylder West, The Wylder County Social Club tells the tale of Eliza Jane O’Hanlan, a proper Eastern miss who comes west to help run her ailing mother’s business. But nothing’s as it seems. The business in question isn’t as respectable as Eliza’s been led to believe. In fact, it’s a whorehouse.
Secrets abound, and soon Eliza’s forced to take the town doctor, Coyote Sullivan, into her confidence. Coyote lived through the hell of the Civil War. He’s one tough customer, but even he’s not sure he’s capable of taking on Eliza Jane, especially when she’s on a mission.
I loved the characters in this story. They felt like people you might really meet walking down the streets of a Western town. And the relationships were equally real. I loved Eliza’s exchanges with her mother, and her mother’s with her “girls”. These characters, from the hero and heroine to the secondary players, are multi-dimensional. Coyote is dreamy, a Western hero to die for, and you just can’t help pulling for Eliza Jane. A charming, delightful tale—highly recommended.

Laura Strickland

Things aren’t what they seem in Wylder County
The Wylder County Social Club, inaugural release of the Wylder West series out of the Wild Rose Press, is written by Nicole McCaffrey.
Eliza Jane O’Hanlan is prim, proper and snippy—and proud of it. Raised in the East by a maiden aunt, she rushes to the Wyoming Territory after learning the mother she barely knows needs help running her home for wayward girls. Hoping, she and her mother might mend their fractured relationship, Eliza wants to know Adelaide better, perhaps even to love her. Soon after arriving in town she learns the “home” is actually a. . . whorehouse.
And the hits just keep on coming in this rollicking story of mothers and daughters; pride coming before storms; acceptance then forgiveness.
Perhaps the best “hit” of all is town physician, Samuel “Coyote” Sullivan. He’s one of those classic still-waters-run-deep types: totally yummy and every woman’s fantasy when it comes to a bedside manner.
Do not miss the first in this fabulous series. We’re glad we didn’t.
On a scale of 1-5, The Wylder County Social Club deserves a 6.
Kat Henry Doran, Kat’s Reviews

Kat Henry Doran
NicoleMcCaffrey Blog

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