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The Lady Flyer

Genres: Historical Fiction , Romance

Lisbeth Douglas works as a pilot, mechanic and flight instructor. As a Lady Flyer in the 1930’s, she works in a male-dominated profession. Fearful of ridicule she keeps her dream of becoming a test pilot a secret. A cocky airplane salesman arrives in Saplingville and sets up shop at the airport. He steals her heart but will never take possession of her dreams.

Paul Williams is more comfortable designing airplanes than flying them. To please his father, he takes a job as an airplane salesman. His boss sends him to the deep-south where he meets a ravishing, daredevil of a woman. His heart takes a nosedive at the first sight of her. How can he give up his controlling ways and let her soar?

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To say I’m a fan of romance novels that takes place in the 1939 era would not be true. However if I tell you Jane Lewis creates a world where you feel as if you are there, you can take it to the bank. She pulled me in and kept me turning the pages. Lizbeth Rose Douglas is a fantastic character. She’s not just the heroine of The Lady Flyer, but someone if she was a real person, I would love to know. To be so confident in her abilities that she will not allow anyone even the man she is falling in love with to take away her dream is remarkable in that time frame. I’m not certain women today could do that with the grace and determination that Lizbeth did as the heroine. Her family is the heart of the South back in the day. I could feel the humidity in the air, smell the barbeque cooking, and would love to have a bite of the potato salad Mrs. Douglas made for Sunday dinner after church. Paul Williams our hero is as different as a peacock to a duck when it comes to being a Southerner. His attitude made me like him as he tried to ignore monstrous mosquitos, humid weather, and everyone in the small town of Saplingville, Georgia knowing all his business. His condescending manner when he first met Lizbeth as she worked at her brother’s aviation company and airport should have earned him a slap, but in her own way Lizbeth ignore him until his cheeky smile, and the endearing way he called her Lizbeth Rose made her knees tremble and her heart pound like the engine of a Beechcraft Model plane. As they both walk down the uneven path of love, you can’t help but admire the fire in Lizbeth’s eyes, the twinkle in Paul’s and the supporting cast of relatives who will always go the extra mile for those they love. But as in some cases being in love could be a barrier to the dreams both Lizbeth and Paul hold in their hearts. If you have not read any of Jane Lewis’ novels, you are missing out on a superb author with a flawless way of showing us life in the past.

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