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Baked with Love ( A Match Made in Heaven Book 3)

Genres: Contemporary , Fiction , Romance

Innkeeper Maureen O’Dowd lives to cook and bake, spoils her family and friends, and is an expert at keeping secrets, especially about the man who’s held her heart for years.
Police Chief Lucas Alexander is dealing with an aging father and a moody teenage son, and he’s in love with a woman who only wants to be friends.
How can these two fiercely private people reveal their feelings for one another without destroying the friendship they already have? And if they’re successful, will another secret, if revealed, drive a wedge between Maureen and Lucas that can never be repaired?

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This was my first read from author Peggy Jaeger, but it won’t be my last. And although Baked With Love is the third book in her series A Match Made In Heaven, I was able to follow this one without having read the first two. Reading this last, makes me want to get the other two and read those also. Excellent characters, a wonderful hero and heroine, but I have to tell you the ones who stole my heart were Fiona who is Maureen’s 94-year-old grandmother, and Robert who is Lucas’ fifteen-year-old son.
Maureen and Lucas’ relationship went back and forth and definitely kept my attention. The trials and heartaches experienced in the first two books were mentioned but did not take away from the present story. In truth, I feel the bit of backstory gave me an insight into not only the hero and heroine, but also all of the characters. For a read that will make you cry a bit, laugh, and dream, this is a good way to accomplish all those emotions. Never boring, nor repetitious, but exceedingly entertaining and heartwarming. So happy I had the chance to read Baked With Love!

Mistress of Book Reviews

Baked with Love is a heartwarming, smoothly written, small town story. It has realistic character development and the characters have depth and layers and even the secondary characters are well developed and interesting. This has a beautifully written storyline and I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in this book.
This is a slow burn, emotional story about Lucas and Maureen. They both live in the small town Heaven and have known each all their lives. Lucas, the town sheriff, is protective by nature and he is also easygoing and charming. So, it is easy to understand why everyone likes him. Unfortunately, Lucas hasn’t had the easiest time in life, but he has kept his disappointments to himself and has always tried to make the best of things. He cares about Maureen and finds himself drawn to her, but he has never let her know how he feels.
For years, Maureen has observed and admired Lucas from afar, but her insecurities get in the way of showing him how she feels. Maureen is quiet and shy and takes care of everyone and they all adore her. She is happiest when she is baking and cooking and taking care of others.
This is a heartfelt story with endearing characters. I loved all the interactions between Lucas and Maureen, they have great dynamics between them and I was cheering them on because they deserve their HEA. This story took me on an emotional journey and left me with a good feeling.
I received this book through Book Gems to review.

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