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Genres: Historical Fiction , History , Paranormal , Romance

Known as the Barbarian, Magnar MacAlpin is a fierce ruler for those under his command. As leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland, his loyalty and obedience lies with Scotland. However, the king’s last demand is not something Magnar will tolerate.

After Elspeth Gunn’s brother the Chieftain of Castle Steinn is murdered, she flees with her nephew, and finds safety amongst a band of men who are rumored to be part wolf. When the king forces her to wed a heathen Northman, she fears losing her heart and soul not only to the man, but the beast as well.

In order to restore peace to a shattered clan, Magnar and Elspeth travel a treacherous path that challenges their beliefs. When evil seeks to destroy ancient traditions, will Magnar be compelled to restrain his wolf or allow him free to protect those he loves?

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Although Mary Morgan arrived on the publishing scene not too long before self-publishing soared, this traditional author has left her mark with tales full of heroes who are handsome, but in no way perfect. Her heroines are gutsy, and in a lot of cases are time-travelers who can hold their own with archaic but kind warriors. It is not only her characters who shine, but her love for anything historical when it comes to Scottish or Irish lore. As by now, you probably can tell I’m a fan of Ms. Morgan’s, and her latest release Magnar is romantic, filled with excellent characters, and fortunately for fans, is the 1st book in The Wolves of Clan Sutherland Series.
Magnar MacAlpin’s future is unclear. Just as the past he thought he knew had become blurred. His responsibility of being the leader of the Wolves of Sutherland, and an unwavering supporter of King William of Scotland could be questioned if the lie his parents told ever comes to light. The injustice of their deceit will haunt him until he finds the brother he never knew. But before he can attain permission to begin his quest, he is tasked with a mission from his king.
Elspeth is gutted when her brother is murdered, but her duty is now to the new chieftain, her young nephew. She and Erik are running for their lives. Her goal is to keep him safe and to reach the king. She knows she can trust the Scottish ruler—not like those who came in peace and then slaughtered the people of Stein. Her path for safety takes an unexpected turn, but she does end up succeeding in her goal. Not only will the king protect them, he will make certain her nephew will have a guardian until he can function as chieftain on his own. Magnar is unlike any man she’s ever known. His handsome looks are a foil against his heathen ways and brash manner at times. But there is something about him that calls to her soul. Magnar isn’t happy with the king’s edict, that he wed Elspeth, a woman who tugs at his heart, to prevent her from being forced into wedlock with an enemy of the king, but will not disobey his royal liege. Elspeth is of a like mind, she has no choice, but to be truthful, relishes the idea of finding out more about the warrior’s wolf.
If you are looking for a romance filled with anticipation, unexpected twists and turns, and an ending that will surprise and delight you, run don’t walk to get Magnar on your-to-be-read list. You will not be disappointed.

Mistress of Book Reviews

Magnar is the first book I’ve read by this author and now I am a fan. It’s such a layered story and Ms. Morgan does an amazing job of weaving history, lore, and romance throughout the book without losing pace and momentum. The world-building immerses us into the lives of the characters.
Both main characters Magnar and Elspeth are multi-faceted. Strong, honorable they both strive to do the right thing no matter the personal cost. I enjoy a fiery heroine as well as a hero who can appreciate her. The secondary characters were also engaging.
I love fantasy and paranormal romance and this book did not disappoint. There were sex and language, but neither was overdone and not inappropriate for the genre. I look forward to reading other books by this talented writer, who obviously goes to great lengths with her research.

D. V. Stone

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