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Juniper and Anise

Genres: Historical Fiction

Hulda Pearl Rosenowski chose to survive, no matter the consequences.  Poland may have been her homeland, but when murderous scavengers kill her mama and dear father, and brother Josef, during a raid on their house, she finds a way to escape.  Unharmed physically but damaged forever, Hulda arrives in America with only the clothes on her back and a tattered potato bag containing a few scarce coins and precious family jewels.

Dreams of becoming a “flapper” girl and brushes with members of the Detroit Purple Gang dominate Hulda’s life as she counts down dwindling reserves, takes care of a broken-down farmhouse, a baby, and hides a secret that could land her in prison.  Years later, as told through the eyes of small-town sheriff Claude Calkins, a story of rum-running and bootleggers stealing away in the dead-of-night with stashes of bathtub gin emerges and changes a young girl’s life forever.

“Juniper and Anise” is available on Amazon, published by Whiskey Creek Press (now Smart Publishing) and distributed by Simon and Schuster at  Also available at,, and

If you enjoy “Juniper and Anise,” be sure to check out “Tilly Loves Johnny,” published by The Wild Rose Press.  You’ll meet some of the same friends you meet in the first book, both stories set during the Prohibition Era and taking place in the small town of Cedartown.

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