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Fire Trap

Genres: Fiction , Mystery

A young woman dies tragically in a church fire. The death might’ve been labeled an accident but for the barred door.

Identifying the victim isn’t easy, though, for two women have simultaneously gone missing from the small English village. And both women have generated a list of people who’d like to see either one dead.

As the CID Team investigates, another body is discovered along a path leading to the church, an ancient corpse road that dates back to medieval times. Did the victim have a relationship with the two brothers who own the farmland on which she was found? Or did she have a connection to the fire victim and the village’s haystrewing custom? After all, competition for the best-decorated rushcart runs high, with a hefty monetary prize at stake. Could jealousy and rivalry be motive for her death?

While the Team struggles with escalating incidents, one dark night Living Evil calls to collect an old debt and threatens the lives of Detective Chief Inspector Graham and Detective Sergeant Brenna Taylor. When the Evil comes for Brenna’s husband, it’s up to her to rescue him. Can she capture an enemy from their past before all their lives become a deadly statistic in the fire trap, and the Evil escapes to strike again?

FIRE TRAP – the 10th Peak District Mystery

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