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The Fowlerville Chronicles

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“Marion L. Cornett and her husband, Doug, moved to Fowlerville in 1998 fulfilling the dream of living in a small town.  Little did she know how the rich history this village–found through research and conversations with life-long residents–would showcase the strong determination of those long gone, of businesses and events in the downtown area unique to a close-knit community, and of a pride shining through each generation.  Fowlerville, Michigan, has survived 175 years because of its citizens; these citizens have given their hearts and dedication to this community.  As the years are chronicled, beginning with 1836, you will discover how a band of only a few settlers persevered so Fowlerville could become what it is today.”

~~This from the back blurb of my 2011 local history book, sparking off the 175th celebration of the arrival of Ralph Fowler to the mid-Michigan area.

Research for this compilation of pictures, maps, aerial shots, newspaper articles, and personal notes was done over the period of about two years.  Anything found in libraries, historical societies, and in conversation became a part of the book.  The history of the small town was becoming buried under a lack of cohesive and inclusive one-stop-shopping reading; papers, documents, and memories were as scattered as fallen leaves in autumn.  By setting up the information in decade chapters and then years within each decade, the reader can search out their point of interest.  

When my book was first published, it came out in paperback but is now available only as a hardbound through  Head to that website and search on the title for ordering.  If local history is your thing, “Through the Eyes of a Country Editor,” is my other local history book, detailing the philosophy, writings, and genealogy of G.L. Adams, publisher and editor of “The Fowlerville Review” from 1874-1929.

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