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Through the Eyes of a Country Editor

Genres: History

The Life and Writings of G.L. Adams, Editor of the Fowlerville Review, 1874-1929.

“Through the eyes of an eighteen-year old, George L. Adams arrived in the village of Fowlerville in 1874, and found a community in its infancy and the need for someone to chronicle its life.  Over the next fifty-five years, everything found its way into “The Fowlerville Review” from devastating fires and the rebuilding of nearly every wooden structure to brick buildings, births and deaths, diphtheria and influenza epidemics, innovations and inventions, weddings and other celebrations, to the everyday activities of the village’s residents and those in the surrounding area.  And, what he wrote, he described with flair, humor, great detail, and even sometimes scolding.  G.L.’s life was an open book for his readers and this biography offers his writings from 1874 until 1929 and his life story from his birth in 1855 until his death in 1930.”

~~From the back blurb of this 2012 publication.

While working on “The Fowlerville Chronicles,” I found a great affinity in G.L. Adams’ writings and felt the need to showcase his best articles.  This 293-page 6×9 paperback is available on or through contacting me.  

Newspaper used to tell the intimate life stories of small town residents, their businesses, the social life, the ups and downs.  Fowlerville, Michigan, is just one small town out of thousands across our country and their histories are similar.  By reading these articles, a true sense of living on the cusp of the modern world can be gained and appreciated.

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