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The Witches of Vegas

Genres: Fantasy , Fiction , Paranormal , Romance , Science Fiction , Thriller , Young Adult

Where can Witches and their vampire mentor practice their powers without being discovered or persecuted?

By using their magic, the Witches of Vegas become the number one act performing on the Las Vegas Strip–a great achievement for them, but not so much for the magicians–who can’t possibly keep pace.

Isis Rivera is the adopted fifteen-year old daughter of The Witches of Vegas. Zack Galloway is the teenage nephew and assistant to the last magician left in the city. Although they should be rivals, when Valeria, a four-hundred-year-old witch with a long-seeded grudge against humanity arrives in Sin-City, both teens act to bring their families together to stop the evil hag in her tracks.

But can the combined witches’ powers and the ingenuity of the magicians be enough to stop Valeria from taking over the city and possibly the world?

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Rated 4 out of 5
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Although I’ve read young adult fantasy before I would wave my magic wand if I had one in applause for author Mark Rosendorf. Excellent story-line, and just when I thought I knew what would happen next, he surprised me. Definitely a book a young adult or an older one as in my case would love.
Isis Rivera’s life up to nine-years of age was not a happy one. But in one quick moment, she was rescued by a red dragon and taken into a family of witches who have nothing but her safety and happiness on their minds. Of course the vampire who hangs about gave her a bit of a fright, but after six years she’s become used to his part and even more so to her part in The Witches of Vegas magic act. It allows all of the witches to use their witchy talents without mortals finding out and possibly harming them. Something Isis knows about up close and personal. Her foster family tried to murder her by fire before Sebastian scared them off. Now she’s able to show off what she’s learned and there’s a handsome boy she’d love to know more about. Life at the moment was great. But as always anything can change, and in her case it does.
Enter stage right is the boy, Zack Galloway, who is actually using her to see how they make their magic show so realistic. Off stage waiting in the wings is an ancient vampiress/witch who wants to steal Isis for her own maniacal plans. Plans that include taking over the world and destroying mortals who don’t like witches.
Zack has second thoughts about helping the vampire lady, but she won’t take no for an answer. Valeria will do anything to satisfy her dreams. Even if that means disposing of The Witches of Vegas and anyone else who stands in her way.

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