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Betrayer's Heart: A Novella of Glencoe

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , Romance

Long ago, Mairi gave Alan MacDonald her heart. But he disappeared from Glencoe the same night soldiers of the crown rose up and violated her clan’s hospitality, committing wholesale massacre. The surviving members of the clan fled to the winter hills, and Mairi’s brother was taken prisoner by the British. Mairi can only believe that Alan, his mother a member of an enemy clan, betrayed them. But now he’s returned to Glencoe. Has he come to finish the treacherous work he started that terrible night?
Alan has never stopped loving Mairi, and in fact everything he’s done has been on her behalf, working behind the scenes. But he doesn’t know how to reach past her grief, and convince her that his heart is true. Returning to Glencoe is risky, in fact it could cost him his life. But his life means little to him, if he’s lost Mairi’s trust. When danger once more explodes in the glen, will Mairi find the strength to trust in their love?





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