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Joyous Lies

Genres: Fiction


Maelle, a young botanist, believes plants communicate and nurture their young. Raised from the age of ten on her grandparents’ commune, Joyous Woods, after her mother died, she imbibed the commune’s utopian beliefs of love for all. Maelle meets Zachary, the first man she’s cared for. But when Zachary tells her their parents perished together in his father’s medical research laboratory, Maelle is devastated. Searching for answers just as a filmmaker arrives to make a movie about the last of the hippies, probing the commune’s secrets, Maelle is forced to find the truth. When she discovers what really happened in that lab – its role in her mother’s violent death and the commune’s possible complicity— she must gather the courage to challenge all she knows, and to confront the question, why don’t human parents do everything in their power to protect their own children?

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