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A Soldier's Honor

Genres: Romance , Suspense

Redeem his honor, save her life… and find everlasting love.

A botched rescue operation leaves Navy SEAL, Brandon Falcon, one chance to salvage his good name: rescue a medical missionary from rebel forces, drag her kicking and screaming through the jungle to the extraction point, while searching for his best friend who went MIA during the last mission.

Dr. Mira Phelps has one goal—discover a way to help children maimed by war. She’s sneaks into Honduras following a coup…desperate to find the Blue Spider Orchid, purported to have miraculous healing powers. The brawny SEAL who rescues her is ready to leave the country, quickly— she must convince him to help her find the life-saving orchid.

Pitted against desperate men, unable to trust anyone, the red-hot passion sparking between Mira and Brandon threatens to bring them to an explosive end–before they discover a lasting love.

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Two strong-willed people, each with their own mission to accomplish no matter the personal consequences, slam head on in the dank, humid jungle of Honduras, while fighting rebel soldiers—and each other—at every turn.
In her debut novel, Evelyn Timidaiski has accomplished something many dream of but few accomplish. She has created a rich setting, complete with the usual “accoutrements” associated with jungle living, layered characters—including the warts—and put them together in a fun story that hits the ground running on page one and lasts at the no surprises ending but one richly deserved on all sides.
Brandon Falcon is a hero by anyone’s definition while Dr. Mira Phelps—no faint-hearted pushover—will leave no leaf or exotic plant unturned in order to find the Blue Orchid and its miraculous healing properties. When these two meet on a rescue mission it is a knock-down, drag out brawl from beginning to end. We can’t wait for the sequel.
On a scale of 1 to 5, A Soldier’s Honor earns a 5.
Kat Henry Doran, Kat’s Reviews

Kat Henry Doran
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