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How (Not) to Make a Grandchild

Genres: Contemporary , Fiction , Romance

Lilac Loveday is fifty and fabulous. Since her husband died, she has brought up her two children alone and created a thriving landscape design business. But something is missing—Lilac wants a grandchild to cherish! The tricks and traps she sets up for daughter Lily to meet a suitable man backfire and throw Lilac instead—literally—into the arms of construction giant Harris MacAulay.

Lilac soon finds that her daughter is more precious than an imaginary grandchild, and that love and life choose their own ways of surprising us.

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In a vain attempt to get her daughter to meet someone, fall in love, and give her a grandchild, Lilac Loveday will do almost anything. After two complete failures, a duo of falls, she meets a good-looking, blue-eye man who sees her for what she truly is—but it’s a pity he’s too old to be her future son-in-law. Yet, there is something about the man that makes her legs tremble, wakes up parts that she thought were dead since her husband died.
Harris MacAulay is a big deal when it comes to construction, and she can’t help but wonder what he sees when he looks at her. Lilac would rather hang out in the sun with a plant than have a spa day. Harry is truly remarkable, but is he too good to be true? A widower with a big heart, he seems to care about her, but why would he want someone who’s makeup is out of date and is more comfortable in work boots. Yes, he says he will help her with her grandchild project, but soon she wonders if having a grandchild is just a patch for her lonely heart.

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