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Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash

Genres: Mystery

From Designer Bags to Body Bags

One moment Designer Katherine Watson is chilling at Ginardo’s Ice Cream Shop, and the next she’s up to her shoulder bag in danger, but she’s determined to see that a cold case murderer gets his just desserts.


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Purse-stachio Makes a Splash by Wendy Kendall reminds me of Mid-Sommer Murders but with the fashion of Sex in the City. Fans of Wendy Kendall’s other works will geek out over the return of their favorite characters. For me, I rarely read cozy mysteries and enjoyed every page of this one. I loved the heart-warming story of the ice cream owner and his rebellious daughter. The mystery kept the pages turning and I couldn’t figure out whodunnit until the very end.
I highly recommend Purse-stachio Makes a Splash for the mystery lover who is vacationing on the beach.

Marilyn Barr

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