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Genres: Contemporary , Humor and Comedy , Romance

He shifted slightly, and she prepared herself for the kiss she was sure was coming. It would be explosive and earth-shattering, just as it had been before. But when after several seconds nothing happened, she raised her eyes. He was looking at her, a satisfied expression on his face.

“I do value your friendship, Ginger. You’re a very special woman, and I’m glad you came into my life. I’m not particularly happy that sex won’t be a part of our relationship, but I’m glad you warned me. I don’t want to make a fool of myself by trying to seduce you when you so obviously don’t want it.” He took one of the beers from her and raised it to his mouth before placing it on the counter. “Get some rest now, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” With that parting remark, he turned and left.

Ginger waited until she heard the front door close before she walked over to the table and sank into one of the chairs. Her hand was shaking as she raised it to take a drink from her beer and then placed the cold bottle against her flushed cheek. She might have to rethink this whole friendship thing.

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**5-Star Review by Readers’ Favorite**

Hammer, Nails, and Happily Ever After? Texas Grit, Book 1 is a humorous contemporary romance novel written by Mitzi Kelly. Ginger Carmichael needed this job, and she needed it badly. She was running out of her savings and dreaded having to go back to California. San Antonio was her chance to strike out on her own and start life anew. She had her house to fix up and wanted a job that was challenging and paid a decent wage. Today’s interview seemed to be going fine despite Justin Tucker’s need to answer the phone as she sat there. He was the president of the construction company, and he and his two brothers seemed to be the glue that held the business together. Justin quickly realized that Ginger was perfect for the job. Her independent contractor dad had recognized her skill and interest in his business. He taught her everything he knew, so she was familiar with just about every aspect of the construction industry.

When Justin offered her the executive assistant position, she gladly accepted and agreed to report for work on Monday. This was it; her life was about to get back on track. Now if she could only find her way back home again. Mitzi Kelly’s Hammer, Nails, and Happily Ever After? is a heartwarming and engaging tale of two obviously meant-for-each-other people whose painful pasts make it almost impossible for them to realize it. Greg Tucker and Ginger Carmichael make a great couple, especially considering how much they enjoy fixing up old houses and eating pizza as they work. Is Greg really the player people were warning Ginger about? Is Ginger really just another woman looking to be supported and not to be trusted?

I enjoyed watching as the two of them work through their issues and realize what they have may be something worth cherishing and holding onto. Kelly’s characters are marvelous, multi-faceted, and authentic, and her plot is ingenious and fun. Hammer, Nails, and Happily Ever After? is highly recommended.


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