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A Wylder Undertaking (Wylder West)

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , Romance , Western

When town undertaker Gus Wright accepts delivery of a client’s fancy casket, he certainly doesn’t expect to find a beautiful young woman hidden inside. And when she throws herself on his mercy, his gentlemanly nature kicks in. He offers assistance despite his suspicion there’s trouble brewing.

On the run from a heist, Phoebe Corbet has a fortune in jewels following her, along with just a few pesky problems. If she can use Gus Wright as a refuge until her accomplice turns up, she’ll do so. If she finds herself seduced by his unassuming manners and gentle kindliness, who could blame a girl? The tricky part will be convincing him there’s a reason destiny has thrown them together.


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Gentle and honest Gus Wright is the town Undertaker. He gets more than he bargains for when picking up a deluxe special order coffin for a customer. Inside the coffin, Phoebe Corbet a beautiful, young, woman very much alive throws herself on his mercy. Danger, passion, and deception abound in this entertaining book, seventh in the Wylder West series and the second Wylder book by Laura Strickland. This series brings together authors from the Wild Rose Press family to write a Multi-author series.
Scene descriptions suck you in until you are experiencing Wylder, Wyoming through the eyes of its well-written characters in all of Wylder’s glory as you turn page after page. Welcome to Wylder, Wyoming where anything may happen. I highly recommend A Wylder Undertaking as well as the entire series.
Are you still sitting there? What are you waiting for? Skedaddle and procure a copy of A Wylder Undertaking at the least, or binge on the whole series!

Tena Stetler

A Wylder Undertaking by Laura Strickland is a quirky, cute romance. Beautiful, talented Phoebe is in a world of trouble and there’s only one way out. Nailing herself into a coffin to stow away on a train bound for the west. When she is found by Wylder Undertaker, Angus Wright, they have the most hilarious meet-cute I have ever read. I was in stitches as Angus tried to discern what he was seeing when he removed the nails from what he thought was an empty coffin.
Angus is a homely man of humble means who wins the girl with kindness. He represents the modern romantic hero who doesn’t become an overbearing caveman in the name of protection. Phoebe has control of her destiny every step of the way. I loved watching the quiet romance build between them as they worked side-by-side. The partnership they establish is ahead of their time but a perfect fit in Wylder.
Overall, I highly recommend A Wylder Undertaking to historical romance fans who are seeking the perfect blend of Old West Town and modern relationship values.

Marilyn Barr
Laura Strickland Blog