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Journey To New Salem

Genres: Fantasy , Fiction , Paranormal , Science Fiction , Suspense , Thriller , Young Adult


The Witches of Vegas are back, and their lives will never be the same again.                                
A year has passed since The Witches of Vegas saved the city from the evil Wiccan vampire, Valeria. Since then, the show has hit an all-time high. So has the romance between teen witch Isis Rivera and teenage magician, Zack Galloway.                                                                           
Things couldn’t be any better for them until Isis develops seizures that cause her power to spiral out of control. Fires and earthquakes are just the beginning of the chaos caused by the misfired witchcraft. Unable to find a cure, Isis’ family journeys to New Salem, a fabled village of witches which may or may not even exist. Meanwhile, Zack ends up face to face with the only being who may have a cure…Valeria. But does he dare pay her price?
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It was a joy to read Journey to New Salem by Mark Rosendorf. Once again, I was able to follow his excellent cast of characters from the first book in the series The Witches of Vegas. Both books held my attention, but this second book blew me away. There truly was no lag time in the action, and my heart even went into overdrive a few times. Just when I became lulled into a semblance of calm, or what you think is calm, something else happens. Sebastian, Selena, Sacha, and Zack—with the wonderful traits I fell in love with before—are all cemented in one desperate goal to save Isis from dying. To do so they must find out what illness is plaguing her and seek out a cure. With Isis’s health deteriorating at a rapid rate they take a Journey to New Salem, where some of the oldest living witches in the world reside. The cure for what ails the youngest witch upon discovery sends an ominous fear throughout their little band of witches. It seems the only way they can heal Isis is to confront Valeria, an enemy they imprisoned in another world over a year ago. The half witch and vampiress must complete the vampiric turn she started on Isis the last time they met. However just finishing the procedure could be deadly not only for Isis but another family member as well. There is truly never a dull moment in this book. It’s action, action, and more action followed by an emotional rollercoaster which will give you a fantastic ride with The Witches of Vegas as they take a journey that will astonish readers. I think if I understood correctly the author has another book coming out, not sure when, but I’d love to get my greedy little hands on book three of this series. My reviewer hat is off in respect to Mark Rosendorf. Thank you for a superior read!

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