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One Scoop or Two, Twice as Sweet

Genres: Contemporary , Fiction , Romance

Rebecca Layton, returns to her beachside hometown of Sunnyville, California, determined to explore the possibility of rekindling her past relationship with the love of her life, Raymond Colton, only to discover that he has moved on, and is now engaged to Leigh Ann Sims, a best friend from Rebecca’s past. Rebecca must decide if she’ll graciously accept that Raymond’s love now belongs to another or if she’ll fight for the only many she has ever loved.


Raymond Colton harbors resentment towards Rebecca for abandoning him to pursue her dreams of life in the big city. But now she’s back, more beautiful than ever and dating Army veteran, Miguel Montoya. Raymond’s heart has been broken more than once, and risking more heartache with Rebecca isn’t a gamble he’s willing to take.


Rebecca can’t say no to Raymond’s father’s request for her marketing expertise to help salvage his family’s failing business, Colton’s Ice Creamery. Developing a social media strategy is no problem for Rebecca, but while working with Raymond, deeply buried wounds from their shared past, must be healed before they can embrace the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.

***********************************************************************************************************************************************This enjoyable anthology has two love stories, in the One Scoop or Two Series, that you don’t want to miss. Nothing like getting two great reads for the price of one. These  stories will capture you heart and have you earning for a sweet treat at the same time.


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