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If Wishes Were Horses

Genres: Romance , Suspense

“If Wishes Were Horses” is a tale of love – both lost and found. It’s the story of one woman’s struggle to triumph beyond the moors of a past awash in pain and subjugation. It’s a story of hope reclaimed and justifiable retribution.

Emily Converse never expected to return to Tamarack, Colorado. But she’s determined to rescue her drug-addicted brother and start a new life. Standing in her way, she finds her stepfather, a powerful US senator, looming over her future like the ever-present monster he’d been during their childhood. Meeting wounded retired Navy SEAL, Michael McCandlis, is a steamy surprise in her homecoming, though he’s adrift in civilian life. Together can they find a way to transform from victims to survivors?

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Emily returns to her hometown of Converse Colorado–not of her own volition–but once there, decides to stick around, see if she can rescue her baby brother one more time, and perhaps stick it to their politician step-father, the man who made their lives a total misery and quite likely murdered their mother.
A tall order but Em is not without support in the form of a couple zany pals and one rugged ex-Army man.
This is a total treat for those who live for well-written suspense with some good steamy sex thrown in for good measure.

Kat Henry Doran