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Nothing to Fear

Genres: Crime , Mystery , Romance

Jade DiMarco’s dreams of ‘happily ever after’ are shattered the night she discovers her husband is a psychotic criminal. After his attempt on her life is thwarted by an unlikely rescuer…the mysterious ‘El Lobo’…Jade is forced to begin a new life in the Witness Protection Program. Terrified that even the US Marshals can’t stop her husband from finding her, she takes up martial arts and shooting lessons while living under a false identity. Just when she starts to feel in control of her destiny, FBI agent Luke Butler appears, throwing her off balance with questions that sound suspiciously like accusations.

Luke Butler’s undercover FBI operation has gone to hell. After the suspect murders Luke’s partner, nearly murders his own wife, then escapes, Luke is forced to take matters into his own hands. He follows Jade to her new location and attempts to discover if she’s as innocent as she seems or if she’s somehow involved in her husband’s illegal activities. While trying to distance himself from his attraction to Jade, he must unravel the truth before he makes a mistake that allows a diabolical killer to claim another victim.

As evil draws dangerously near, Jade and Luke fight the passion that blooms between them…passion that has no chance of survival in a deadly game where there are no winners…only survivors.


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