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Smoother Than Spumoni

Genres: Paranormal , Romance

Susie Larkin is a dolphin shifter and heir to the humble Larkin’s Dairy Dip on Seagrass Island, FL. Pedaling ice cream from bicycle carts on the beach is just a stepping-stone for this future CEO of a frozen confection empire—or so she hopes.


Frank Paulino Jr. receives his first taste of freedom from Strawberry, KY in a summer internship at Bart’s Oyster bar. His pasta creations save the restaurant when red tide poisons the fresh fish of the bay, making him the most popular werewolf on Seagrass island.


Frank and Susie uncover a conspiracy that threatens not only the wildlife of the area but also their lives. Can these two shifters put their ambitions aside long enough to give their relationship a chance, or will Frank pay the ultimate price to protect Susie and the island she loves?

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Cover Design by Tina Lynn Stout

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Rated 4 out of 5
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Smoother Than Spumoni by Marilyn Barr isn’t just about ice cream or a summer fling even though it is part of the One Scoop or Two series from the Wild Rose Press. For this reader it was a peasant reunion with one of the characters from Bear With Me. I loved Frank Paulino’s mom, Rosie, and was more than pleased to see her oldest son on the beach in this book. The slightly reserved air the Italian werewolf has intrigues more than the young women on Seagrass Island but also some of the older guard who are looking for a leader for their pack of Seagrass Animal shifters. Frank is there on his leader’s business, and he is also looking for a mate in which to share his future goals. Susie Larkin is a dolphin shifter. Her idea of having an enjoyable time is making the most of the summer before she goes back to college in the fall. Despite the tall, dark, and handsome stranger on the beach, her goals are set, and she will not be swayed from getting her master’s degree in accounting. But when Frankie singles her out, the hard pass she planned to give him just wouldn’t jump off her tongue. Frankie loves being with Susie. She makes him laugh, and he wonders if she might possibly be his mate. He needs more time to determine if the girl of his dreams can be the woman he needs by his side through thick and thin and claw and fins. Susie has the chance to intern in the town of Strawberry Kentucky but before she can make her mind up, she and Frank find evidence someone is purposely ruining the water and killing the Oceanic creatures around the island. They soon find themselves fighting for their last breath against forces who don’t care how many die in their quest for financial gain. Smoother Than Spumoni is as tantalizing as the ice-cream it’s named after.

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