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The Woman of His Dreams

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , History , Romance

She attempted to rise. “The girls are expecting me and I must see cook about their tea…”

“No, you don’t. You seem to need to hide yourself away from me. Whenever I try to have a quiet word with you, you find another place to be. This time I must insist you remain where you are. This time we have no other option other than to talk before it’s too late.”

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Those last words stopped her on the spot and she sank back onto the sofa. “What do you mean before it is too late? What could you and I possibly have to speak about? I am the girls’ governess and you are their uncle. There is nothing else between us.”

“There is and I think you know it. Somewhere deep in your consciousness you know there is more.” He watched her closely to see if she would at least admit it to herself.

“I don’t understand what you are referring to, my lord.”

“Forget the ‘my lord’, Annie, or I swear this will go much worse.”

“Is that a threat, m-m.” Then in a whisper, “Is that a threat?”

Slapping his leg in frustration, he got control of his voice before saying, “No that isn’t a threat, but you know there is more between us as man and woman. Basic things between us.”

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