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Jeremy's Home and There's Always Hope

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , History , Romance , Western

Jeremy Macgregor arrives home with his almost-finacee only to find the town of Sweetwater means more to him than the woman on his arm. Some of the shine becomes gloss when seen in the light of his brothers’ new lives as family men. Faith is seeking a safe place for her closest friend after a horrifying attack on them both. Unable to be part of the ever-increasing group from the St. Michaels Foundling Home, she plans to leave. Is it possible two such different people can find themselves entwined in the same goals? Can find their lives joined even when consequences no one could have seen coming push them apart?

Hope St. Michaels knew she would never be anyone’s wife, anyone’s mother with her disfigured face so she dedicated herself to teaching the children of others. Coyote Wilder knew he would always be an outcast and shunned by many. He grew up fighting and thought his life would probably end in a shoot-out. Fate brought these two unlikely people together and love swept them both away. Now would either of their prophsies prove true or would fate step-in and offer an alternative?

In print as well as eBook

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