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Before We Fade Away

Genres: Contemporary , Crime , Fiction , Historical Fiction , Mystery , Paranormal , Suspense , Thriller

Horrific, recurring nightmares are making Danielle Reynolds’ life miserable. Losing sleep and falling grades lead her to seek help from her college counselor, a psychologist, and against her better judgment, a psychic medium. To her amazement, she discovers her dead grandfather is trying to contact her to prove his innocence in the murders of the Cunningham family on Halloween night back in 1971. Turning to the police, she convinces a handsome young officer to reopen the murder investigation.

Officer Joel Adams isn’t sure if he believes the beautiful woman who claims to have new information about an old murder. But she knows things not written in the police reports, things his grandfather never mentioned when he worked the case years before. Despite his doubts, he can’t resist helping her discover the truth about the past that links them together in the present.



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