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Genres: Contemporary , Crime , Fiction , Mystery , Romance , Suspense , Thriller

As the youngest member of an elite task force team and built as big as they come, Danny is often underestimated. It’s an image he encourages, despite sporting a genius level IQ. Currently screwing his boss’ ex and with a big problem for authority, Danny is sent to professional development coaching. He hates the idea – he’s got determination in spades to do what it takes in his job and personal life, and thrashes against it until he meets Laura, the sexy motivator who shows him he is worth more than what he believes. When the team begins working Operation Predator, Danny’s moment of peace is shot to hell.
Danny is sent to professional coaching as part of his boss, Cal’s, efforts to hold the team together after their last operation. When he discovers his motivator is the gorgeous jogger he’s been working out with, Danny is determined to flirt his way through his coaching, stubbornly refusing to delve into personal truths he’s been hiding from himself for years. He’s relieved when he’s placed on an undercover assignment – his preferred area of expertise.
Moving in with a group of gym junkies isn’t a bad way to spend assignment – especially when he gets to hack as well. The group remove small change from banks, but Danny feels there is something bigger in the works – until he is spotted by Laura, who almost blows his cover. Pulled from his assignment, Danny is furious. Tensions rise during their coaching sessions as more odd hacks catch Danny’s attention.
Their budding relationship is blown to pieces when he opts to go back undercover, determined not to let Laura distract him.

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