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Genres: Contemporary , Crime , Fiction , Mystery , Romance , Suspense , Thriller

What does the ultimate adrenaline junkie do when the stakes get personal?

Always chasing his next high, Micah Riveria makes the biggest bang he can – whether it’s a new explosive to play with, lifting the biggest weights he can, or pushing the limit on the competition monster truck circuit.

While the task force winds down after a big win, Micah spends time at the track working with Jimmy, the geeky computer girl with green hair who tweaks his truck to perfection before every comp. Some of the drivers are looking for bigger highs that the pro circuit can provide, and Micah is swept up in a game of ultimate stakes — with Jimmy at the centre of it all.

There’s no job, no assignment, so the team take a break — and Micah heads to the track. He’s content to talk geek with Jimmy, live odd hours and get away from the expectations of the team and family. But a familiar face in the crowd becomes a quiet threat to his peace. In the midst of his r&r, he finds himself suddenly part of a group of adrenaline junkies, pushing themselves and their limits — further and further.

As their behaviours become more erratic and desperate, Micah discovers a mole beneath it all — and finds himself picking up the investigation Ally dropped when she left Internal Affairs. He calls it in to Liam who tells him to stay in — perfectly placed to drive the investigation.

As his relationship with Jimmy heats up, he realises she might be right at the epicentre.


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