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Politics & Paperwork

Genres: Contemporary , Crime , Fiction , Mystery , Romance , Suspense , Thriller

Liam is constantly swamped beneath the politics of managing an elite task force. Now, given more downtime than he can handle, the ex-special ops sniper flounders to find purpose outside the strict rigours of his working day.

Selena has been Liam’s best friend for nearly fifteen years. Elegant and intelligent, and a partner in her own law firm, she’s helped Liam through difficult cases, as well as the aftermath of PTSD. Watching Liam drown in day-to-day life, Selena ups the stakes with a little flirting to restore life to the man she adores.

When a series of vandalisms target Selena, Liam is determined to keep the captivating solicitor safe, so long as she lets him. Intent on playing her game by his own rules, Liam risks an uncertain future for the woman he’s always loved.

This Friends-to-Lovers novelette can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the Blue Blooded Brother Series. HFN ending.

Liam and Selena’s story will continue in RECKONING.

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