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StumpStrong eBook cover

StumpStrong: Strength in Roots

Genres: Fiction

Patricia Moore is coming of age; too bad it involves perimenopausal horrors. Patti’s life has plummeted to sewage depository levels. Her ex-husband has new muscles and a new girlfriend, her daughter is away at college, her boss is an evil witch, and fantasies about her young psychotherapist make her behave like a hormonal college girl. After Patti is assaulted by one of her students, the discovery of old cassette tapes retelling the story of her Grandfather’s saga as a POW in World War II gives her the strength to dig herself out of the depths of depression, discover her inner sexy, and tell her boss to go to hell. StumpStrong is an epistolary tale of first loves, second chances, and finding strength in family roots.


StumpStrong: Strength in Roots: Pascarella, Nicki: 9781736379844: Books

StumpStrong: Strength In Roots by Nicki Pascarella, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Published by The Media Queens Publishing House

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