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Chocolate Couture

Genres: Romance

“If you’re not sightseeing, what are you doing in the alley?” Lily asked again.
“Does being the proprietor of Pastry Art also make you the alley police?” His glance moved from her face to read the sign over her head.
“Who are you?” she asked. “And why are you snooping around Sally James’ shop?”
“I’ve been meaning to stop in and introduce myself.”
“Why would you want to introduce yourself?” She was strangely flattered by his interest. Perhaps he had heard about her elderflower or chocolate cherry  cupcakes. Her ego slipped away as she thought of the risk of speaking to a stranger in a deserted alley—especially a handsome stranger with a charming smile.
“One question at a time.” He extended his hand. “Noah Adler. I’m the new proprietor of 6 Smith Street, the soon to be opened burger restaurant on the other side of this closed dress shop.” He mocked her tone.
“Oh, I guess you have every right to be in the alley.” She hadn’t meant to sound haughty, but his sudden appearance at the rear entrance of Sally’s shop had caused her to put up her guard.
“Should I call you the proprietor or do you[…]”

Excerpt From: Zelda Benjamin. “Chocolate Couture.”

Book 4 in Love by Chocolate series

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