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Whispers Through Time

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , Mystery , Paranormal , Romance

I’d love for you to review my book, WHISPERS THROUGH TIME! I can guarantee you haven’t read anything quite like it. Here’s the story:

To an outsider looking in, Sierra Masters has it all. A world-famous historical novelist, she has created the perfect world for herself in the isolated splendor of the Big Bend region in southwest Texas. So, when investigative reporter Hunter Davenport shows up at her secluded compound, his arrival does more than shatter her composure. It rocks her entire world.

Hunter, her former fiancé and the only man she has ever loved, comes with a request she can’t refuse. But then, she’s never been able to refuse him anything. Still, this time his proposition has nothing to do with their past relationship—and everything to do with her future.

Sierra, Hunter says, is not who she thinks she is and he has proof: Four simple photographs dated thirty years earlier. Clearly, the family she has always adored isn’t her birth-family and her real heritage lies some two thousand miles to the north, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

That very night, Sierra experiences a dream unlike any she’s ever had before: a terrified young Indian girl is chased through unfamiliar terrain by a drunken white man driving a white pickup truck. This dream is so vivid and authentic that it’s all she can do to awaken from it, but when she does, she is convinced that Hunter is telling the truth. In spite of her fear of the hold he has always had over her, Sierra agrees to meet him at the reservation, where he is developing a documentary with Nathan Winterhawk, a Lakota Sioux elder.

Together they will search for her birth-parents.

Almost the minute that Sierra and her two closest friends, Skye Parker and Colt Chambers, arrive in South Dakota, she discovers that she has somehow acquired the ability to step through an invisible portal directly into another place and time. She has been given a gift, called simply The Power by the Lakota, enabling her to experience far more than just cold facts about long-past history.

This gift allows her to live it.

When she is hurled back in time to the Massacre at Wounded Knee in December, 1890, the magic of the sacred Black Hills and the splendid moonscape-like terrain of the Badlands feel agonizingly familiar to her. She recognizes and touches her ancestors as they fight for their lives. She feels their hunger, their cold, their torment, their terror. She walks with them from a period more than a hundred years in the past, to a more recent era equally bloody, to the culturally and financially impoverished reality that many reservation Indians remain in today.

Although Sierra is unsettled by the Power and the effect it has on her life, she soon realizes that the Lakota aren’t shocked by it because she isn’t the first person in her family to experience it. Instead, it has been passed down to her through the women in her bloodline. As part of her personal heritage, she is able to connect with the past so completely that she becomes a part of history—witnessing how history lives, breathes, and continues to have an impact on people and their environment hundreds of years later.

As Sierra struggles to deal with what’s happening to her, she’s also struggling with the fact that Hunter is slipping back into his former place in her life. Their passion for one another hasn’t died during their years apart, but Sierra can’t give in to it. She remembers too acutely the pain of losing him twelve years earlier, and the thought of losing him again is more than she can bear. Yet Hunter’s love for her is unwavering. He knows that she’s frightened, although she refuses to tell him why, and he also knows that one day she will need him again. He’s determined to be there when that happens—as he hadn’t been before.

As Sierra grows closer to the Winterhawk family and their many friends on the reservation, she comes to love their culture…her culture. She comes to understand that while they’re a warm and fun-loving people in spite of their difficult circumstances, their immense strength comes from their spirituality and traditions—what Nathan Winterhawk calls The Old Ways. It is Nathan’s battle to bring these ancient customs back to the reservation that ultimately puts Sierra on a collision course with a powerful white man who has made his fortune exploiting the history and political weakness of the Lakota people.

So it is that as Sierra passes through these intertwined realities, a century apart, she learns secrets powerful enough to bring a dangerous sociopath to his knees, long-denied justice to her family, and hope to a troubled land. And because the only man she has ever loved never leaves her side as she walks this difficult path, Sierra realizes that she should never have allowed the pain of their past to alter the fresh promise of their future.

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