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Genres: Erotica , Fiction , Science Fiction , Suspense


A World without Men save for a select breeding stock.

In the 24th Century Absolute Power corrupts – Absolute ‘Femin’ Power Corrupts Absolutely…

We follow the disparate lives of males, struggling for freedom and females battling just as hard to escape this brave new world of rigid rules and barbaric traditions, until the final collision and dissolution of the old corrupt society.

This apocalyptic saga follows Delilah Herodias Magdala, a terrifying seven-foot tall gorgon, feared for her fugue states and sadistic leanings, for whom destruction and torture are mother’s milk, who selects young Rue, a budding  flame-haired beauty for her LifeMate. And Rue’s resourceful, brilliant FirstDaughter, Maple, who becomes Delilah’s ward after Rue’s tragic fate, and who fights not only for survival, but to find and save Rue buried deep in Delilah’s’ unforgiving government institutions.

Swimming against the cruel, dangerous at best, rip currents of ‘femin’ society, some males strive to become favored pets, or are purchased as specialty-skilled slaves.

We follow the male, designated, ‘901’, striking, complacent and kept in a vast den; rarely named, 901 shines in the fertilization ritual, yet most males are humble beasts of burden and as 901 approaches his 41st year, and the end of his usefulness, the most he hopes for is the status of pet, where he forms a forbidden liaison, with his new owner, Betti.

And 2077, a beautiful boy of 15, who rebels during The Dread Quadrene, the brutal Grand Femunalis finale, where surplus males fight to bloody death. He flees to The Salton Sea joining  another group of runners, shielded by the indigenous Indian tribes of the area, a protected  untouchable ‘aborigine’ group as designated by the clueless Femins, where 2077 finds Croc, the leader of the rebels and Croc’s mate, the striking Indian, Eveningstar, all living uneasily with and fighting against the Femin society.

This is how it happened….

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