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A Woman By Any Other Name (Irine Wicklow: Bounty Hunter Book Two)

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , Romance , Western

Rine and Jus are after a madman who has been terrorizing the lumber camps all along the Payette River, a seven-foot-tall lumberjack with a giant axe. Nobody knows why Dag Olafson, a former legend at the Wind River Camp, has run amok, but authorities believe Wolverine’s the man—or as Jus knows, woman—to bring him in. Spooked, Jus wishes Rine would turn down the job. But every time he says so, she suggests he go home to Kentucky, and his heart won’t let him.

There are a lot of things Rine doesn’t like about this job. The temptation Jus presents when they’re alone on the trail. The way the pretty daughter of the lumber camp manager makes eyes at him. The seven-foot-tall ghost with the axe. What worries her most, though, is the price love demands of the unwary heart. To protect herself from that, she’ll part ways with Jus, if she has to. If she doesn’t die first…

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