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Genres: Fantasy , Fiction , Paranormal , Romance

Sent by the Mage Brekan, Keilah, outlawed Princess of Carrum Bahl travels back in time to seek out Radin Hawk, the reincarnation of an ancient warrior king. She is not prepared for the strong feelings she has for him or the feeling of familiarity.
Radin is always game for a good fight, but when the battle risks the woman who reminds him of his lost love he is not sure the price is worth it. But how can he leave her undefended to return to his own time?
They follow Brekan on his quest to defeat Anya the Sorceress Queen and right an ancient wrong. But wonder what he is hiding. Can they trust their feelings and each other or are they just pawns in a larger game?

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Time of the Wolf
Julie A. D’Arcy
Narrator: Matt Haynes
This story deserves 6 stars!
Keilah is the actual princess of Carrum Bahl, and is sent forward in time by the sorcerer Brekan to 3ind Radin Hawk, but gets captured by slave traders instead. Hawk witnesses her capture on the beach from a high bluff, but loses her in the nearby city. As he is leaving the city, he spots her displayed as a slave. He bids on her, and wins her, and she tells him this incredible tale that he dismisses in his unbelief. Still, he follows her through the stones and 3inds himself in the past, where they must overcome a powerful sorceress, a vile king, evil situations, unexpected deaths, mind-reading, magical powers, and other challenges. The bad characters are totally evil, while the good characters are tested to the utmost. The author and the narrator make this story come alive in a way that is not often found in audiobooks. Listeners are pulled into this story from the start, and there is no escaping the fast pace until the end! The peripheral characters add interest to this story, 3leshing it out beautifully. Actions are visualized easily; the narrator does an amazing job of describing everything that happens as the tension builds steadily. Listeners can almost hear the battle scenes and smell the stench of the dungeon. The action is non-­‐stop until the end, and then listeners receive some surprising and welcome revelations. Wow! This narrator takes a wonderful story and infuses the protagonists with courage, conviction, and self-­‐sacri3ice. Keilah is a strong female lead, and is perfectly matched with the the strength exhibited in Radin, and Matt Haynes makes listeners believe everything that is said by every character. The sound quality and production are both excellent. This is a story not to be missed!
Carey Sullivan
InD’tale Magazine

Carey Sullivan, InD'tale Magazine

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