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Magic and Midnight Mint Bars

Genres: Paranormal , Romance

Months after a bitter divorce, Sally Mansfield is spending Christmas with her best friends at the Blue Iris Inn. Fifty pounds thinner than the last time they were together, she is excited for her friends to see the change. She might still be wounded, her self-esteem at rock bottom, but Sally is determined to have a fun holiday with her friends.
A recent broken engagement brought Chad Bennett back to Blue Cove. Intrigued by Sally, he is interested in learning more, but she remains a closed book and truthfully so is he. Is it possible with the help of a little Christmas magic, a winsome sprite named Elida, some chocolate goodness, and friends, two lonely souls can find friendship and the possibility of a lot more over the holidays?

Magic and Midnight Mint Bars (Christmas Cookies) – Kindle edition by Morrison, Iona. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Iona Morrison | Mystery Writer

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Magic and Midnight Mint Bars eBook by Iona Morrison – 9781509237197 | Rakuten Kobo United States


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Magic and Midnight Mint Bars by Iona Morrison is a touching tale of second chances. Sally and Chad have been brought together in her childhood town after painful breakups. It was obvious from their first meeting that they fit like two puzzle pieces. Their chemistry leaped from the page – even if their friends pushed them together at every turn.
However, my favorite character is Elida the fairy when she dresses in her disguise as Holly. Elida has magical glamor and can change herself to look like a little old lady to get away with mischief. From purposefully confusing the hero to rearranging the heroine’s schedule, her shenanigans were hilarious. All of her scenes had me on the edge of my seat, I needed to know what trouble she would stir up next!
Overall, I recommend this fairytale of second chances and magic to hopeless romantics who are looking for holiday magic.

Marilyn Barr

Sally Mansfield has a lot of pain to overcome. An abusive husband has left her with a seriously damaged self-image and with doubt about whether she will ever again be able to trust a man. Now she’s returned home to the town of Blue Cove for Christmas, hoping time spent with old friends will help her heal. The last thing she wants, or thinks she needs, is a man—no matter how comfortable the handsome town manager, Chad Bennett makes her feel.
Chad’s not looking for love either, at least until a tiny sprite of a woman called Holly begins weaving some Christmas magic into Chad and Sally’s lives. Who can resist a dose of Christmas magic? Who would even try? I think you will enjoy this entirely sweet story about learning to love oneself before being able to love again.

Laura Strickland
Iona Morrison Blog