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Snowdrop Cookie Wishes (Christmas Cookie Series)

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , Romance

It’s been a difficult year in Lissi Johansen’s sixteenth-century Danish village. As Christmas approaches, she longs for holidays past when her parents visited their neighbors, distributing cookies and good wishes to all. She hopes to bake a single batch of her mama’s Snowdrop Cookies and tuck a gift of magic wishes inside. But she will need help to make the miracle come true.

Miller Ole Andersen is barely hanging on after the loss of his wife and child to the plague. When Lissi begs him for a measure of flour, he’s won over by her warmth and generous spirit. He never suspects the events that follow will teach him about the limitless capacity of the heart, or that wishes given away can sometimes be the most magical of all.

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A small 16th century Danish Village during the plague, has suffered unimaginable loss and a deep sadness prevails among the households. As Christmas approaches, Lissi Johansen longs to continue a tradition from past holidays when her parents were still alive. She will need a miracle and the help of the miller Ole Anderson, who has suffered his own loss, to make her dream come true.
Who knew that a single Snowdrop cookie and good wishes could bring hope to a grieving community awakening them to the possibility of love and happiness again.
This beautifully written, heartfelt story is the perfect reminder that anything is possible when love and kindness are involved. I recommend this book with pleasure.

Iona Morrison
Laura Strickland Blog