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The Spy Who Loved My Russian Tea Cakes

Genres: Fantasy , Romance , Suspense

Reiki Practitioner Cassie Bench is the black sheep of her family.  She would rather work over the Christmas holidays than answer her family’s interrogation about her non-existent love life and career choices.  She assures herself it has nothing to do with the handsome coma patient, Sergei Chekov who stars in her dreams.

Sergei wakes from blackness and dreams of a siren’s call.  He isn’t sure who he can trust when the woman from his dreams walks into his room with his favorite childhood treat to jog his memory.  Despite his attraction to her, he must escape to safety.

Cassie is heartbroken and left with nothing but questions. Who was the woman who convinced her to wake Sergei?  Why is the FBI involved? And will she ever see Sergei again or will she be left to pine over the spy who loved Russian tea cakes? 

Note: This book has a 4.5 flame heat rating, mild profanity, and a hero with nightmares, flashbacks, and panic attacks due to childhood trauma. His kidnapping and abuse are not on the page but this book is not for delicate sensibilities.

Published by The Wild Rose Press. Cover by Tina Lynn Stout.

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Marilyn Barr’s story is told in two points of view, Cassie and Sergie. Single Cassie is the black sheep of her family who dreads visiting home over Christmas holidays because her parents and siblings refuse to accept who she is, a Reiki healer who abstains from gluten, dairy, meat, dyes, and preservatives. She has hospital privileges and a full-time job in pain management at OH hospice center, where she treats the mysterious and handsome Sergei, at the behest of his strange mother who pleads with Cassie to awaken Sergei from his coma. We get to know Sergei when he and Cassie meet in his dreams as he is awakening from his coma. His past is sad, turbulent, and full of violence and danger. He rejects the loving touch of others after the abuse he has survived…until he becomes drawn to Cassie (and her Russian Tea Cakes!). The romantic scenes are sizzling and the intricacies of the plot are page-turning, leading to an extremely satisfying ending worthy of the Christmas holiday spirit! If you’re looking for a sexy read framed with a touch of paranormal, this is for you! And BONUS – the Russian Tea Cake recipe is included.

Anne Armistead
MarilynBarr Blog