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Genres: Historical Fiction

Spirited sisters Bia and Letty Greenway, out in the snow to find Christmas holly, instead find a dead horse and a wounded man. They care for him, Bia charmed by his beauty and Letty eager to gain material for her ongoing novel. Soon, his horse and evidence of the event ever having happened disappear.
Who is he? Why was he out riding in a snowstorm with no heavy coat? Who shot him and why?
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Review by Jenna
I was in the mood for a romance this time around and Found Christmas was a wonderful choice.
Jeanette Collins has a skill for writing sweet characters. Every person in this book was just adorable, even the rake, Adrian. It didn’t matter what they were doing, they were still adorable. The author wove in a silly dog too. Woof is a fun side element I found so enjoyable.
Bia and her sister, Letty find a man near death in the snow outside their cottage. He has no identification and since the siblings are new to the area, they have no idea who the man is.
There were lots of fun scenes to follow after this opening act. Letty is the younger of the two girls and a writer. She wants to do many daring and somewhat scandalous things to get materials for her novels. So fun!

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