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Coconut Macaroon Scandal

Genres: Paranormal , Romance

When Emma Davis is summoned to her hometown on negligence charges her world turns upside down. She faces losing everything she worked so hard for, her bakery and her inheritance. She’s met all the conditions of the will but one–a fiancé. Jilted and mistrustful, Emma cannot face her family alone. When Gran’s ghost recommends a particular customer for the job, Emma closes her eyes and proposes.
Sebastian Lewis agrees without hesitation. He’s had his eye on this beauty for some time. She has qualities none of the women in his past possess. Determined to make their engagement real, Sebastian follows her home until an emergency calls him away.
Emma’s past and insecurities rise as her life and future are threatened.

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Coconut Macaroon Scandal by Virginia Barlow is a page-turner! Action-packed with steamy romance, this is a book I read in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down, but I never wanted it to end. Sebastian is the swoon-worthy hero that every reader wishes would sweep them off their feet. He’s the millionaire disguised as the guy-next-door. I instantly added him to my book boyfriend list.
He rides in like a knight in shining armor with a loving family, legal team, and private investigators on speed dial. Oh boy, our heroine, Emma needs them. Her hometown is full of villains that readers love to hate.
The characters’ descriptions painted them in my mind’s eye vivid color. They popped off the page. With a satisfying happily-ever-after, this is a holiday read I will recommend to everyone who will listen.

Marilyn Barr