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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Colder (Irine Wicklow: Bounty Hunter Book 3)

Genres: Fiction , Historical Fiction , Romance , Western

Irine Wicklow, better known as the dangerous bounty hunter, Wolverine, has sent her sometime-partner, Justice Turrant back to Kentucky, reckoning she’d rather weather a little unhappiness now than a whole lot of heartbreak later.  But her wild black mare, Jezebel, is miserable without Jus’s horse, Settler. And Rine just can’t lose her longing for the handsome Reb. He’s one of only two men alive who know Wolverine’s a woman. The other’s her latest bounty, a charming Spaniard whom she intends to take in for the price on his head. Jus hoped news of the revenge he and Rine had won for his sister, Jenny, would help her heal from her devastating past ordeal. But life back in Kentucky’s not what he expected. His pa’s still half out of his mind with grief, his Uncle Reese never stops complaining, and Jenny’s talking crazy. Even poor Settler is kicking down his stall for want of Rine’s mare, Jezebel. What’s a lovesick horse or man to do, except maybe follow his heart? Buy: Amazon Amazon Canada Amazon UK Amazon Australia Author Web Site

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