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The Cross of Tarlis: The Awakening

Genres: Fantasy , Fiction , Paranormal , Romance

Five-hundred summers have passed since the Great Mage War. Sernon of Asamos is dead. While his bones rest at the bottom of a glacial lake, his spirit roams forever in the Void. Tarlis is at peace. Or is it? Somewhere deep within the depths of Lake Dalen-Gae, evil stirs…   Princess Tannith of Ellenroh, descendant of Dragonbane, King of the old code. Only by her hand can the pieces of the legendary Cross of Tarlis be assembled and used to raise their God and remove the yoke placed on her people.Kaden of the Wolfhead, son of a cursed king, haunted by his failure to save his family hunts the cross in order to seek revenge for the destruction of those he loved.Sernon of Asomos, a powerful Necromancer seeks the Cross to open portals to other worlds, in turn giving him access to unlimited power.Can Tannith, Kaden, and their companions stay ahead of the evil dogging their steps, be the first to claim the pieces of the cross, and stop Sernon from enslaving their world and destroying their future?

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