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Look of Love: A Love Me Right Novel

Genres: Contemporary , Romance

A Brainy Model. A Fed-up Best Friend. An unexpected Kiss. Saphine is ready to jump into the next phase of her ten year plan. Since fourteen, she has known exactly what she wants from life. Now that she’s eighteen and done high school, Saphine thinks she is ready to move from print to the runway. But is the runway ready for her? And more importantly, is Gared?  Gared has been best friends with Saphine since the fourth grade, and in love with her for just as long. Frustrated with his best friend’s choice of men, Gared decides it is time to take a chance on their friendship for something more. Love wasn’t in the plan for Saphine. Can she risk everything – her career, her friendship, and, most importantly, her heart – for a feeling? Or will logic and timing pull these two apart forever? *This book contains explicit sexual scenes and is intended for 18 or older. It can be read as a standalone with a happy ending.

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