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Spellbound Audio

Genres: Crime , Fantasy , Fiction , Paranormal , Romance

Isabella Barton, fleeing for her life from her ex-fiancé, Ivan after discovering his ties with the Russian Mafia and his willingness to bargain her body for business, finds herself back in her childhood home in Rhode Island. Searching through the aged Victorian mansion she had once shared with her grandmother, Isabella discovers in the basement, an ancient book of witchcraft. She decides she has nothing to lose if she attempts the spell for True Love, which insists on flipping open in front of her. However… Zac is unceremoniously ripped from a battle raging in his world and awakes on a strange beach with a beautiful if somewhat unusual red-head peering into his eyes. And the only thing that can restore him to his other-dimensional world, his amulet, is missing. How can Isabella tell the man she is falling in love with that her whole existence rests on him loving her in return and choosing to stay when all he longs for is to find his amulet to return to his own world? Love, lust, revenge, and betrayal follow these two lost souls on a sensual and dangerous journey to discover long ago secrets, but their own destinies. UNIVERSAL BUY LINK Website  

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