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Cillian: Stones of Duhaem

Genres: Fantasy , Romance

Four stones stand tall to protect life and order from the hungry destruction of Kaos.

Pedwar. Chwech. Saith. Wyth.

But times are changing and the shift in majic both dark and light are felt by all.

Cillian has a duty to protect his people, by any means, from the creatures of Kaos. One fateful battle lands him in the claws of the mist that separates the realms.

Nora, a simple sheep herder, takes her Granda’s sheep into the mountains for the summer meadows. A chance encounter with a strange being from the fog turns her world upside down.

Will Nora be able to forgive Cillian for stealing her freedom? And will Cillian be able to save Duhaem from certain destruction?*Warning: Explicit content and a happy ending, this is the first stand-alone book in the Stones of Duhaem series.

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