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In 2020 I published my first children’s book, Ian’s Magic. It released in the middle of the pandemic (yes, the same one we’re still dealing with). But I was unable to have a book signing or release party. It was a soft opening. But the little book has done well. I promoted it through social media and today I am still working on getting it into schools, libraries, etc. It is based on a story I wrote many years ago for my grandson who came home from grade school so excited about the concept of math. For a non-math person, I was excited for his excitement and set out to join him in his celebration of the subject. The book went through many changes, and I found a publisher who would take it and run with it. Doodle and Peck Publishing out of Yukon, OK took a chance on the little book and added it to their growing library. Ian Conner learned in the first grade he could perform magic using math. And this year, the prize for the annual math contest is $500! Ian really wants to win, but he knows classmate Thomas Martin will be stiff competition. Thomas wins every year. And this year he has a college tutor helping him prep for the contest! Ian decides to study accelerated math, hoping it will help him win. But when the day of the competition arrives Ian must make a difficult choice – hope his studying helps him win fair and square – or cheat using his “math magic” to win the contest. No matter what his little brother thought, math would always be magical to Ian. Check out Ian’s Magic. Available on Amazon in paperback and hardback and at fine bookstores everywhere or online at Ian’s Magic | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (books2read.com) What are you reading this week?