snow day
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It snowed yesterday in Oklahoma. Only the second one of the season. We might have gotten an inch if you stretched it some, and it was bitterly cold. In years gone by, I would have put on my Yaktrax and gone to work, my lunch packed, in dress pants and a heavy coat, prepared to come out and clear a windshield when the day was done. Then I would drive the treacherous roads back home to a warm house. At least I hoped it was warm. But I’m retired now and falling on the ice—let’s just say I don’t bounce like I used to. So, I stayed in. All. Day. Long. I had plenty to do.  I wrote for hours, took a nap, talked on the phone, baked a peach crisp, cooked supper, and watched a movie before bed where I read some before going to sleep.  I know how to party on a snow day! I’ve been reading a Mary Higgins Clark novel.  She knew how to set a mood. You knew from page one something was wrong with that house!  Get out! But it is good to read the masters and learn from them.  She was a very successful author of 51 bestselling books, and she knew how to spin a tale. I awoke this morning to fog coming off the snow.  It is supposed to warm up and the small amount of moisture we received from the snow will hopefully melt into our thirsty soil.  Oklahoma is in a drought. I plan to get out and enjoy the sun.  I am not sure what I’ll do today, but there is always something that needs my attention.  I spent an afternoon this week in the shower on my hands and knees with a  scrub brush.  I think I need to shop for a sponge mop with a scrubber on it.  Do they still make those? I’m too old to crawl around scrubbing nooks and crannies in a shower. And then there is always the Mary Higgins Clark novel awaiting me. What are you reading this week?