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I thought we’d talk a little bit about setting today in our discussion about writing.  All stories have a setting – it is important enough that it can be another character. When you begin your story think about where it takes place. See it in your mind. What place inspires you – the seashore, mountains, desert, your own backyard? Seeing the beauty around you encourages your imagination.  Is this place you are writing about set in the present, past or future? These questions must be answered before you begin to write. I am a water lover.  I have set five of my novels on a seashore or on a lake.  I love the water and trust and respect it.  It is romantic and can be terrifying as well.  Maybe you don’t like water, or your character doesn’t so write about a place you like: a big city, the desert, the mountains, your hometown.  All settings evoke a feeling to the reader and give your story and characters depth. If you are stuck in writer’s block give these ten great story settings a try.  Write a story that takes place: in a tattoo parlor at the zoo at night in an abandoned mental hospital in a submarine in a magnet factory in the vault of a bank in a bridal shop in the kitchen of Buckingham Palace on the edge of a cliff entirely in the dark Soon your story will begin to take place.  And if you really want to have some fun, visit these places before you write. Your characters and your readers will thank you. What are you writing this week?