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Happy Pride Month Everyone!
I have loved reading about unconventional families represented in romance. There has been an increase in throuples (beyond menage fetish stuff), and poly families which makes my heart so happy. Round of Applause was originally a typical love triangle romance until I interviewed the parents of the little girl who modeled Aurora. I had assumed it was a “mom remarried” situation but was pleasantly surprised to find they are a real-life throuple. I knew to give this little girl representation in romance not only did I have to show her a strong woman with her disability but also show her family in a loving, non-fetish way.
Here’s a snippet from Round of Applause:
      “It can be our normal…if you let it.” I turn to him with pleading eyes but quickly turn back when I see his harsh expression. I swallow the tears threatening to flood my face.
“I don’t know, Aurora,” he says as I start the machine. It sputters and spurts while we think of what to say next.
“Well, figure it out fast,” I say harshly. “You can string me along but if you hurt Nate, I won’t forgive
“I won’t,” he says. “I love him…like a brother.”
“I think you love him period, nothing brotherly about it,” I whisper fiercely. “I was there. I felt the love flowing all three ways. You are scared. I don’t need running scared James right now. My James wouldn’t be so stupid as to run from this.”
“What if that’s all I am?”
Round of Applause is the B in LGBT and creates an ethical non-monogamous throuple in rural America, but this promotion has representation for all colors of the rainbow.  Check out all the families here https://storyoriginapp.com/to/uVdQoLH 
Happy Pride Month Everyone!