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I love the Fall season and I loved my 5 star review of Fatal Recall from N.N. Light Book Heaven

Neuroscientist Dr. Marilyn Monrose is on the brink of a breakthrough. Using VR (virtual reality), she can experience the final moments of a murdered victim’s life. She’s trying to keep her research secret for now but she’s having difficulty concentrating whenever sexy private investigator Hudson Kincaid is around. He’s investigating the murders, the same murders involved in her VR experiments. What’s a woman to do? No matter how hot their attraction is, it takes an immediate backseat when her research gets disclosed to the media who run the story. She’s now in the crosshairs of a murderer and she may soon live out her final moments, just like all the victims she watched in her VR research. Can Hudson track down the killer before Marilyn’s life is snuffed out for good?

Fatal Recall is a gripping romantic thriller from start to finish. The concept of VR experiments to track down a serial killer is an original idea and propelled the plot. The plot itself is equal parts serial killer thriller and hot romance. The pace of the story is fast and had me whipping through the pages. I stayed up late a few times because I just had to read more to find out what happened next. The romantic tension between Marilyn and Hudson was electrifying. I kept trying to figure out who the killer was and when it was revealed, I gasped. This is a new genre for Gini Rifkin and she nailed it. The descriptive narration, plot progression, suspense, characterization, all blend to make Fatal Recall a must-read. Fans of romantic thrillers will love Fatal Recall. I can’t wait to read more from Gini Rifkin. Highly recommend!