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While I love chocolate, somehow discounted chocolate tastes a little sweeter. What started as a necessity has now become a fun game for my spouse and me. We started dating as broke college kids, so we celebrate Valentine’s day on February 15th. Each year for the past twenty-three years, we drive together to the grocery store with the purpose of picking out our Valentine’s day gifts. We split up at the door without a glance at each other. My spouse buys candy, flowers, and a fancy dessert for us to share. I buy him candy but I also pick out the ingredients for the meal we will cook together. This year I was amazed to find a large take-n-bake pizza discounted to $2.00 because it was heart-shaped. Don’t worry, I bought ingredients for a more elegant meal than pizza, but the pizza still came home with us.

While in the grocery store, we act like we don’t know each other and have a meet-cute in nearly every aisle. One year, a little old lady pulled me aside to persuade me to give the guy following me a chance as “he seems like a great catch”. Never mind the fact that we both wear wedding rings. Every year at the check-out, my husband asks me to have dinner with him, and every year, I say yes.

To spread the love, I’m offering you discounted valentines too. The eBook of Round of Applause on sale for $1.99 for the rest of the month. Because why have one expensive valentine when you can have two at a discount? Does it make the romance a little sweeter too? Available on Amazon here.